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Lunchables Nachos

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

for when you dont wanna buy actual nacho stuff

A favorite snack in my household! While they are suitable for a meal, they are a nice easy game night snack and are easy to share with others, if you are so inclined. The tortilla chips do their job, they are lightly salted and taste fine on their own. The salsa is very watery and mild. The cheese dip is also mild, but does have a little spice in it, moreso than the salsa.

The mild taste of these things is most likely perfect for their target audience (American children). I honestly don't find it a detriment at all, but if you have somehow missed out on this Lunchables before, I would not go in expecting something spicy or restaurant-quality. It's Lunchables, after all. I find these satisfying, one of the best types of Lunchables easily.