Lunchables Pizza and Treatza

★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

i really wanted to like this

The two cheese pizzas included in this kit are pretty standard (delicious). I'll refer you to my "Lunchables Cheesy Pizza" review for my opinion on those (the ones in Pizza and Treatza are mozerella cheese only, but they are close enough in taste). This is mainly a review of the "treatza" included in here. I know this is a nostalgia food for many people, and I may have had it as a kid, but I really do not remember it. If this is a nostalgia taste for you that you enjoy, good! That was not the case for me.

The base of the treatza is what makes it rather gross to me--chocolate frosting was not meant to be spread on pita bread and eaten like that. The frosting itself is quite thick and an alright taste. I didn't care much for it cold. Lunchables does, however, supply you with a good amount of rainbow candy-coated chocolate chips to sprinkle on the treatza. These are small and only have a little amount of chocolate in them under the thick candy-coating, but they are the best part of the treatza. It came with a Capri Sun Roarin Waters "Tropical Tide" juice pouch. Not at all my favorite, but for what it is, it does good.

I ate half of it cold, as it was intended, and then, out of curiosity, I heated the treatza up in the microwave. I was surprised that I liked the warmed up half treatza way better than the cold half. The chocolate frosting melts and becomes nice and gooey. Although it tastes better warm, it still can't erradicate the pita bread base which is an unwelcome flavor that's a bit disgusting in combination with the rest.