Poppin' Cookin' Tanoshii Donuts

★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

fun to make; gross to eat

These were an interesting one! I finally decided to give this one a shot after seeing Poppin Cookin kits on YouTube for a few years. Picked it up at my local grocery store, I was glad that this one has instuctions in English on the box, I remember previous boxes on YouTube did not.

These were very fun to put together! If you have not seen them before, I reccomend watching a video of the process (I, unfortunately, did not take one). The kit contains several packets that are mixed with water to make the "dough" and icings. The dough is pressed into molds inside of the kit to give their shape. The bear and alternating dough type donuts I made were based on illustrations in the box. Tip for anyone making these, read instructions thoroughly. The chocolate icing is put in a larger container than the rest, but does not need more water. I put too much in and tried to thicken it up with cocoa powder I had at home to make it useable. The sheet they are on in the picture is cut out from the aluminum packadge inside the box.

As for the taste, they are... very not good. The icings are delicious, as well as the cookie crumble topping and heart sprinkles (I would like a bottle of just those heart sprinkles!). The dough, however, tastes very strange. Having seen reviews before, I was expecting a gelatine taste, but it was worse than I imagined: it had an extremely dense and strange texture (as you can see in pictures) for gelatine. My brother ate the ear of the bear I made, the chocolate dough, and would not eat any more. He argued that it had what I'm going to describe as a "foreign taste". Specifically, he said it tasted like it had a similar ingredient to Kasugai Gummies, which he doesn't like. I don't taste any resemblance between the two (I enjoy Kasugai Gummies and buy them in fruit flavors), but take that for what you will.