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Order of Priority:
- List my pets (and any fanart.... I never really drew my neopets/animals in general much but I want to get more creative with them inbetween schoolwork).
- Get my new Icepets companions on the page
- Start uploading my list of Neopets fansites... it's a long one.
- Instead of linking petpages I like here, I might just list some cool directories because I do worry about making users uncomfortable listing their pages from offsite u-u. Reminder petpages are really heckin cool though, the progress of these little personal pages on outdated infrastructure and a lack of search engine indexing makes for a great time exploring the web.

Procrastinating from schoolwork rn lol. In work and at school updates are prob gonna be very afk for the time being
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See Neopets Fansites

pst what this section is going to be (for archival reasons? or because i'm insane?) a list of Neopets fansites I can find that are active or (mostly) on the wayback machine. By nature of Neopets teaching people HTML and being a browser based game in the 2000s, I don't think I've ever seen as many sites for any other fandom.

My Icepets

In 2022, I started playing Icepets and was really impressed with how kind the community there is. It's not Neopets--but it is similar and I thought tacking this onto the Neopets page made sense.

Woodland Krittle

Magdalene the Woodland Krittle
Woodland Makoat

Foxglove the Woodland Makoat
Shorn Herji

Belladonna the Shorn Herji
Blooming Mateeni

Azalea the Blooming Mateeni
Phantasmoire Krittle

Catastrophe the Phantasmoire Krittle

Calamity the Skullder

psst... if you want to sign up consider listing me (minimoose) as your refferent.