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Hollyblue button Hollyblue @ NEOCITIES button hollyblue button with floral foreground hollyblue button featuring Betty Boop in a kimono HOLLY BLUE button featuring Caylis from Neopets HOLLY BLUE button featuring Daffy Duck in a pond

88x31 buttons were made on Photoshop with help from (Neopets homepages, you must be logged in to view, unfortunately) Button Pop Tutorials, Charly's SWF Collection, Details, Lore, Peony, and Eris.

Caylis image found with help from Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium

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Hotline Webring

Other Web

Art/Animation Resources

  • Animation Obsessive Newsletter - Great journalism on animation, including obscure animation, as well as a focus on world animation. The Sunday issues are free and I highly recommend them.
  • Open Animation - A community looking to make animation classes free and open-source.
  • Women in Animation - Mailing list is free to sign up, includes a list of job openings. Some events are free to non-WIA members.
  • Toniko Pantoja's YouTube Channel - I need to catch back up with his videos, but they are a great resource for those pursuing animation or story art. I always learn a lot from his vids.
  • Bobby Chiu's YouTube Channel - Lots of good videos here, used to do life drawing streams. If you have money to put into art education, Bobby also runs Schoolism and Lightbox Expo. Here is a playlist of recorded webinar streams from 2021's LBE.
  • Draw a Box - Resource for free drawing lessons. They have their own Discord group for peer feedback as well.
  • Andrew Loomins' Books - Great guides on figure drawing that are still widely in use today. They are in the public domain.
  • Pixar in a Box - Free Khan Academy course.
  • Walt Stanchfield Handouts - PDFs of handouts the late Walt Stanchfield used in his classes.
  • Nickelodeon's "Animation 101" playlist - Lots of insight into the production pipeline of TV animation and the expectations of specific jobs.
  • Jaykittens' Background Q&A; - A 35 page Google Document broken up into 4 sections of tips on drawing backgrounds ranging from beginner level to putting together a portfolio. This really inspired me to try backgrounds, as someone who shies away from them in illustration.

  • Resource Sheets for Those Who Want it All:
  • Storyboarding on a Budget - Resource Google Document list from @ebbigal on Twitter.
  • TV Animation Design on a Budget - Sister guide to the above, also compiled by @ebbigal on Twitter.
  • PuccaNoodles' Animation & Art Resources - Google Sheet of more resources from @PuccaNoodles on Twitter. Contains different sheets for varying topics (including foundational drawing) and clearly indicates whether a resource is free or paid.
  • TV Animation Writing Resources - A handy Google Doc I see linked around, though I don't know who assembled this information. Serves almost as a guide, with advice in addition to resources.
  • Artist Resource Links - A well-designed Google Sheet from @ashleyodellart on Twitter. Covers many topics with a handy key to know at a glance what type of resource is being given.

  • Software and Such:
  • Electric Zine Maker - Neat freeware.
  • Post-Modern Art Podcast - Neat indie podcast that interviews a variety of artists (animators, storyboard artists, musicians, etc).
  • JS Paint - In-browser MS Paint.
  • Photopea - In-browser Photoshop clone.
  • Devin Elle Kurtz Brushes - Great brushes for bg painting at $0+. I bought the foliage and city brush packs and adore them. Brushes are packaged with video tutorials.
  • - Good program to draw in real-time with friends with a lot of tools for free.
  • PhotoMosh - Add glitch effects to your art and images.
  • Art Fight - Art trading game that occurs annually in July.
  • Animation History

  • Cartoon Research
  • Michael
  • Daffy Duckaroo - My friend Eliza is in the process of thoroughly reviewing all of the Looney Tunes cartoons. An excellent source of information.
  • Website Resources

  • W3Schools - Everything about HTML and CSS.
  • PicMix - A good replacement for Blingee.
  • textanim - Used to make several of the navigation images.
  • EZGIF - Excellent resource for GIF editing & webp conversion.
  • GifCities - Old web GIFs.
  • - Limited free options, but used to make the Looney Tunes page header.
  • Convertio - File converter, supports obscure filetypes.
  • Wikiplayer - MP3 player.
  • Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium - Excellent database of Neopets graphics.
  • Other

  • BlueMaxima's Flashpoint - An archive of playable Flash games (as well as some Shockwave games, etc.). They also include some Neopets Flash animations.
  • /r/neopets' Guide on Enabling Flash - Personally I use Pale Moon browser on PC to play Neopets flash games. Use common sense and only use your Flash-enabled browser for trusted gamesites and nothing more.
  • Memento Web's Time Travel - A search engine that scours many different archival snapshot websites to find an instance of a page closest to any given date. This is very good for certain sites (again, looking at you Neopets) who have opted out of's Wayback Machine.
  • The Vintage Pattern Files - In their own words, "A Link Library of free Vintage Knitting, Crochet and Sewing Patterns Scattered Across The Web"
  • - Tons of nice looking and coherent Japanese clipart made by one man. Free-to-use unless commercial use of over 20 images (check the terms). Here is an English video about it.
  • People Pleaser with Austin Archer - Podcast I found from the Post-Modern Art Podcast. Interviews on a variety of topics.
  • and - Old Futurama fanwebsites that are still up.
  • Spacehey - Old MySpace clone in active development.
  • WINDOWS93 - Cool virtual desktop.

  • HTML 1.0 Search Engine BlueMaxima's Flashhpoint

  • Globe spinning with a magnifying glass over it Invader Zim holding the Earth up while GIR holds a piggy